Market Update:  May 11th 2016

Peak, Downturn, Trough or Recovery;  What time is it?

Property clocks are useful to monitor a market throughout a period of time and invest when the time is right.  You can gain by buying cheap and selling high, or ensuring there’s a demanding market of renters when you need it.

Both clocks take into account key factors in the real estate industry including;

  • Sales volume
  • Demand/supply (old and new properties)
  • Price and rent momentum
  • Employee generation 
  • Household income growth.  

These two property clocks can help you identify where the areas are that are ready for investments, or ward away from areas that are stagnant, or may have already reached their peak and are on the way down.

Click here for the Matusik Property Clock

Click here for Herron Todd White Property Clock

We suggest you compare both for your own research and make your own mind up!

Enjoy the read, and if anyone wants the full Herron Todd White report, you can request one here.

 This is our pick for the week.  Click the image to view a quick profile on an investment property that ticks the boxes.

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