Market Update:  May 5th 2016

Population Movement – Identifying long term increase

As an investor, we all want to know where we are going to get a reliable income from our investment property.  Weeks without rent are damaging, and can go on (and on) if growth stalls, or worse still; stops for a long period of time.  

Ups and downs in your rental rate and vacancy time can and will vary over the length of your investment, but what’s important is that the long term growth continues to happen in your area.  Read this weeks Matusik Update on recent population growth areas here.

Capital cities are generally good areas to watch, but once you pick a city, you then need to narrow down which suburb, and what kind of growth it’s experiencing, and of course, what the new population are looking for.

What the new wave of people looking for is something we’ve been watching very closely.  The old days of large blocks with endless grass areas and large gardens are almost gone from the investor market.  Tenants want ease of everything.  Easy to maintain, easy to access, easy to travel from, easy to manage.   So finding properties that suit the new demand, and realising that it’s different than it may have been 10 years ago, is key.

As outlined in the Matusik update recently, here are the areas identified by the ABS in Australia’s population growth.  Click here to read the full Matusik Market update.

Annual population growth
Major urban areas

Melbourne              91,600      29%
Sydney                  83,300      26%
Brisbane                35,200      11%
Perth                     31,100      10%
Adelaide                12,100        4%
Canberra                 5,400        2%
Darwin                    2,600        1%
Hobart                    1,700        1%

Capital Cities       263,000     83%
Gold Coast/Tweed   10,800        3%
Sunshine Coast         4,870        2%
Newcastle                 3,960       1%
Wollongong               3,330       1%
Geelong                    3,240       1%
Central Coast NSW    2,200       1%

So, now you can see where good areas may be, the next step is deciding what, and narrowing down your area.

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