Market Update:  April 28th 2016

Where are the jobs at?

One of the important factors in choosing an area to purchase an investment property in is where people are going for work.  Signs of growth in job numbers, investment by government and larger private companies as well as small business, show an increased demand for goods and services to an area that need to be serviced.

These factors impact how successful (or unsuccessful) an investment property could be.

Factors to consider:

  • Is the overall employment rate in that area steady or increasing?
  • Is there government infrastructure development planned here? (upgrade to roads, schools, medical, facilities etc)?
  • Look at jobs in an area.  Is the ratio of full time jobs to residents high?  What is considered a good number?
  • What kind of jobs are they?  High, Medium or Low level income earners?

Read the Matusik update here on where the jobs are headed this year.

We’ve looked at the stats, looked at the areas, and considered many other factors. Our top pick for this week is below.

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 This is our pick for the week.  Click the image to view a quick profile on an investment property that ticks the boxes.

View more of the properties we have available on our site here.

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