Where Are The NEW Jobs Going ?

Are you aiming for the hungry crowd?

This week’s Matusik Property Insights update, indicate that the medium and lower income earners are where the job growth is at in SE QLD.

Particular industries such as tourism, retail, health and education are top growth industries.  Leaving the higher income earners either downsizing, or staying where they are already.  (Download the Matusik report here).

This trend strongly indicates, by increasing the dwelling number or occupancy on a property, investors will benefit long term. This trend fits nicely with the low to medium  price point that tenants are currently looking for.

Watch out for properties that provide a low to medium rental, with possibility of higher occupancy on one block (dual occupancies, duplex, dual living and quad occupancies). 

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 This is our pick for the week.  A dual income, priced well and back on the market as the sale wasn’t complete.  

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